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How to Choose a Campsite on a Uganda Safari

How to Choose a Campsite on a Uganda Safari

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Are you planning to take a Camping safari and wondering how to choose where to pitch your tent during your safari in Uganda? Wonder no more because presented are the important elements/factors you need to consider when choosing a perfect campsite for a perfect camping safari in Uganda.

Level/ground surface

It is advisable to choose a leveled ground because camping on a hill means you may slide out from the bed thus fall downwards. Additionally, flat grounds in comparison to the ones that dip are good when it comes to abrupt rains, there are higher chances of flooding with the former. Places with tall grass should be avoided because they harbor bugs, ticks and ants thus you may have a horrible camping experience.


Shade or sheltered places are good is you desire warm places for camping. Make sure you aren’t Camping under old or rotten trees but rather alive and healthy trees because the latter can offer adequate shade. All in all, avoid camping under widow makers-fallen trees that lean on other trees because they are actually life-threatening.

Strategic location

By strategic location, you will need to consider what you need at the camping ground and these include toilets (whether are available and how far you have to move to use them), proximity to the water source, privacy and proximity to other camping sites. Additionally, you will need a well drained area. Also avoid places with many mosquitoes and other insects when choosing a camping ground.

Consider the impact you will be causing on the area

In most cases, Campsites that are far from water sources are often fragile while heavily used sites are prone to pollution and overuse. Not only that, avoid using natural water source for washing clothes or dishes but you are instead advised to collect water to the site.

Size of the Campsite is also important

Campsites always vary in terms of size and this therefore will affect decisions regarding to size of tents, number of tents to fit in the site, space for using campfires, space for other items such as chairs and tables as well as additional camping gear. Hiring a smaller campsite yet you have a larger tent and other things will mean encroaching into another site thus sometimes you might pay an extra cost for the other site thus always determine the size of the tent and space for other activities such as campfires prior to paying for the Camping ground thus get a place that is enough for your gears and campfires.


Much as neighbors are good in life, privacy is very important for camping because it makes the experience enjoyable and memorable. However, don’t again camp within a place that is more than 20 kilometers from anyone else, otherwise you may not be helped during emergencies.

All in all, a good camping ground is always found not created or made because sometimes you may camp where you are not allowed to or a site that may not be favorable.

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