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Packing for A Self Drive Safari in Uganda

Packing for A Self Drive Safari in Uganda

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Self drive safaris have not become common within Uganda; with every tourist opting for them but it have to be carefully done because unlike where you come from, traffic rules in Uganda might be different. Just like any other safari, you ought to pack right and light for the self drive safari in Uganda.

Not only that, packing light will ensure you have more space in the vehicle to carry some food supplies and carrying your camping equipments (tents, chairs and kitchen items). Therefore, the following are the appropriate things to carry or pack during the self drive safari;

Insurance Cover

It is always important to purchase travel insurance to protect you from any unpredictable risks that may happen such as accidents so that it caters for treatment bills.

If you are traveling to remote areas, you will need to pack some food supplies as well as camping equipments.


Documents are one of the must-have things during self drive safaris and these include passports, valid driver’s license and inoculation certificate against yellow fever. Tourists are always advised to have two or more photocopies of these documents and put within different locations of the vehicle (in case of theft, you don’t have to be stranded in another country).

Driving permit and ID

You will need a valid driving license as well as Identity Card when planning a self-drive safari within Uganda so as to avoid any criminal offenses. You will always find traffic officers on the highways who will ask for your driving permit and if not, you will be fined.

Right clothing

Right clothing is anything that is of comfortable fabric and doesn’t cause excess sweating. For instance, dark clothes are likely to absorb too much heat hence causing sweating while the bright-colored clothes like yellow and orange are easily recognized hence stand out in the wild and white shows dirt easily. Therefore, you are advised to wear neutral colors such as brown. Depending on the weather, you will need to carry long and short sleeved shirts, long trousers and shorts, sweater, rain jacket, are recommended. You will also need pajamas and wooly socks for sleeping.


Sneakers, strong hiking boots and pair of comfortable sandals are handy depending on the activities you are planning to undertake during the self drive safari.

A good hat and sunglasses are very important for protecting your head and eyes against the sun. It’s very unfortunate that most tourists always ignore this advice and the dangers of the overexposure to the sunshine thus the significance of sun protection.

First Aid kit with Medicines

You have to carry a First Aid Kit with medicines for malaria, especially painkillers as well as plasters, soothing ointments for scratches and itches, headaches, pains and aches and not forgetting the medication for vomiting, diarrhea and stomach cramps within the wilderness. Not only that, you need to be immunized against yellow fever

Global Positioning System (GPS)

You may need GPS and travel maps when driving to destinations you are not very familiar with.

Mobile Phone and emergency number

It is always important to have emergency numbers of mobile phone numbers for easy communication or so that you can be helped in case of emergency cases. Emergency numbers can be for police or nearby health facilities.

Camera and Binoculars

Self drive safaris lad to remarkable destinations with beautiful attractions inform of spectacular landscapes, wildlife and bird species thus you will need cameras and binoculars to capture such memorable moments.

Fire extinguisher

You may experience abrupt fire outbreaks while on your self-drive safari thus you need to pack fire extinguishers to help during such cases.

Other important things to pack during the self-drive safari include Oil and water lubricant, Insect repellants as well as Mechanic tools such as spanners to tighten loose parts of the vehicle, spare tyre and Jake.

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